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APM Mamas in Music Spotlight:
Jenny Plant

British Singer-Songwriter-producer Jenny Plant is a multi-instrumentalist with a soulful voice and a knack for writing music that resonates with truths and emotions. She is genuinely one of the most prolific composers in the scene today, with syncs in high-profile programs, including Love Island and Red Rose, and video games like Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding...

APM Indie Artists Live:
Lee Triffon Performs 'Mishehu' 


Lee Triffon is a Los Angeles-based Israeli-born singer-songwriter and visual artist. Her music is an amalgam of styles often compared to those of Bjork, Flume, and FK Twigs. She incorporates her unique visual art into all aspects of her music, from cover art to music videos to live performances, giving her audiences a multi-dimensional experience.

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Tiff Randol: A Mama in Music Among Many

"Women have long been a creative force in the music industry. We are powerful creators and storytellers, but we often face numerous challenges, including discrimination, harassment, and limited opportunities. It’s no secret that historically the music industry has been dominated by harmful stigmas and stereotypes towards women..." - Tiff Randol

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