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Donate. Make a difference. 

We envision a world of equity for Mothers in every space of the music industry across the world, and we need your help to get there!

Support Mamas In Music™


Your 100% tax-deductible donation enables Mamas In Music™ to:


  • Aid in closing the gender and family gap in the music industry, for both creative and business roles

  • Provide mentorships, seminars, and workshops that will benefit Mothers and allies in the global community

  • Promote resources & a Job Board for industry professionals

  • Launch our community platform

  • Build our programming, including song camps, podcast, and music for sync

  • Create safe and cutting-edge career opportunities

  • Strengthen our community through events and outreach and so much more. 

  • Provide Financial support for Mothers



Help us reach our fundraising goals.

When we support one of us, we support all of us. Just as every dollar makes a difference, we believe that every ally does, too! Mamas In Music™ and our members appreciate your contribution from the bottom of our hearts.

Your donations can make a huge impact! 



Success Rates

15% of published songwriters

are women

Loss of Income

40% of women experience a decline in their income after

becoming mothers (


Wage Gap

$20k / £16k the average annual wage gap between male and female musicians with mothers experiencing a wider disparity due to work interruptions after childbirth (




Lack of Opportunities

77% of mothers have experienced discrimination because of their pregnancy (Musicians Union)

Only 4% of professional media composer are women

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