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Production Albums

Are you a composer, songwriter, musician, production library, or licensing team? We'd love to collaborate with you!

Production Library Submission Opportunity: BMG 


As a Mamas In Music Artist, we invite you to pitch for an album we are doing in partnership with BMG called ‘EMOTIVE POP”.  We are specifically looking for commercial pop singers, songwriters and producers to be involved in this exciting project. BMG have asked for tracks that start intimate/sparse and build throughout. Think ‘Love Island’.
Please read and make sure you follow the BRIEF exactly before Submitting. 

*This opportunity is for Mamas In Music Members only. If you are not a member, please sign up here before completing this form.


Mamas in Music invites our composers and songwriters to participate in and submit for production albums.  Please stay tuned, become members, and join the newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming opportunities.  We also always invite members to reach out to us with links of your work and interest in participation, so we can keep you posted!


In 2022 and 2023, Mamas in Music composers joined forces with APM + MPATH Music and to compose and produce our first two production albums: Mamas in Music Holiday: Volume 1 and Ethereal Luminosity.  


 Mamas in Music Holiday: Volume 1 
features beloved indie holiday tracks

 Ethereal Luminosity features ethereal, peaceful, and awe-inspiring tracks

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