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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mamas in Music (MiM)?

Mamas in Music (MiM) is a global community of mothers working in music who have come together to connect, offer mutual support, and empower one another. 


We believe the world needs to hear the voices of women and mothers now more than ever before. Unfortunately, women who make music are too often disregarded as soon as they become mothers, with little to no resources for actively pursuing both a career in music and parenthood. 


So we’ve come together to build a platform to amplify the important perspectives, compassion, and incredible talents this overlooked demographic brings to our industry.  

Who is the community made up of?

Our primary community is made up of those that identify as a mother working in the music industry. We are also inclusive and open to anyone who works in the music industry and fulfills a parenting role, or to anyone who supports our community’s vision and goals. 

Where are you based?

MiM has members based all over the world and new members are welcome to join us from anywhere. We are currently looking for leadership to represent chapters in their local area. Please reach out here if this is you! 


How often and where do you meet?

At the moment we mostly meet online, networking through our Mamas in Music Facebook Group, as well as in our monthly "Happy Hour" Zoom sessions where we come together to share our successes, struggles, and offer support.


Our local MiM chapters in the UK and Los Angeles often host in-person events, so be on the look out for event updates throughout the year! 

What has MiM achieved so far?

  • ​We have created a private Facebook Group for MiM members where they can connect and offer advice and support to each other. (Several of our members have also formed smaller ‘accountability’ groups recently, designed to help each other overcome challenges and realise their ambitions).

  • We have established our monthly "Happy Hour" Zoom meet ups which cover a wide range of topics and regularly attract new members into our fold. 

  • We have launched the "Mamas in Music" Podcast, hosted by singer /songwriter / mama, Claire London. The series is available on Spotify and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. 

  • We have secured a distribution deal for MiM under Burnside Distribution / The Orchard. 

  • MiM composers worked with MPATH Music to create an album called Ethereal Luminosity that features music from several super talented mamas. 

  • We co-hosted an MiM live performance at The Bedford in London with the BBC as they introduced MiM member, Roma Rose, who received a PRS grant for her EP release focusing on themes of motherhood and mental health.  

What are you working on next?

  • After securing a grant from PRS, we are working to launch our first UK songwriting camp for mothers, in partnership with Girl Grind UK and Peak Music UK - then looking to create more in the US and beyond. 

  • We plan to explore opportunities to create grants for MiM Artists, similar to the one Roma Rose received which has been so invaluable in supporting her musical ambitions. 

  • We will continue to offer virtual events designed to help nurture and support our members, including free sessions with mental health and wellbeing consultants that will offer life coaching, hypnotherapy, and somatic breathing. 

  • We will build on the success of our first joint networking event last December, which gave our members the chance to network with the "Moms Film Fest" community - and look for more opportunities to network and build connections with similar groups. 

  • We are developing a series of MiM Production Library albums to be released with MPath Music / APM Music, an award-winning music library focused on women composers. 

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