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Become a Member.

Whether you are a mother in the music industry or an individual or business who supports our mission, we welcome you to our community! Your support will help us continue to develop powerful programs and initiatives to further equity, opportunity, and community for mothers working across the globe in music. 

Mamas in Music Member

A Mama in Music Membership is for anyone who identifies as a Mother in the creative or business side of the music industry. We do not want fees to become a barrier for entry, so membership is based on what you can contribute.

Membership gives you:

  • Access to our monthly newsletter 

  • Free / discounted admission to MiM meetups & events

  • Invitations to exclusive programs, job opportunities, playlists and initiatives 

  • Access to MiM Special Resources (Coming soon)

Supporting Ally

A Supporting Ally is any individual in the music industry who is not a mother themself, but wants to support an equitable future for mothers in the music industry.  


Membership gives you: 

  • Access to our monthly newsletter

  • Invitations to certain MiM events 

  • Listed as a Supporting Ally in our directory 


*If you are looking to make a one time donation and not interested in a Supporting Ally Membership, Click Here

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